Top Benefits to Having Your Dentist and Orthodontist in the Same Office

As parents, the last thing you need in your day is an extra stop! That’s why we offer dental and orthodontic services under the same roof at Crabapple Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics! Why do we believe it’s best for you to have access to dental and orthodontic care at the same practice?

  1. Your dentist who oversees your essential routine mouth care can notice early on whether your child needs a referral to an orthodontist.
  2. With an in-house orthodontist, your referral process will be much smoother.
  3. While your orthodontist is qualified to clean teeth, having a pediatric dentist available means that your orthodontist won’t be as busy and will be more available to you when you need specialized orthodontic care.
  4. If you don’t switch practices, you won’t have to worry about whether you moved to an out-of-network practice.
  5. Especially with multiple children, sometimes you just want to visit one place for all their dental needs. At Crabapple, you can bring kids for simultaneous visits without having to drive to multiple locations!

But do you really need both an orthodontist and dentist? Why is it important for your child to have specialized oral care throughout adolescence?

Pediatric-specialized dental care:

From the appearance of those first teeth, your child will need regular dental checkups, which will usually include teeth cleaning, checks for issues with the gums, jaw, salivary glands, and nerves in the mouth and neck. For the best possible care, make sure you’re taking your child to a dentist that specializes in working with children. In order to specialize in working with kids, pediatric dentists have to complete four years of intensive grad school, a state licensed exam and following dental school complete a special two-year residency in pediatric dentistry. Our dentist, Dr. Hemant Dhawan, completed this training to specialize in dental care for children.

Family-centered orthodontic care:

At about the age of seven, you’ll want to get your child’s teeth evaluated for orthodontic issues such as tooth alignment, bite problems, and crowding. You want to make sure you look for an orthodontist who specializes in working with families, so that your family can receive orthodontic care at any age. An orthodontist is a dentist who, after completing his dental training, continues on for a two or three year residency specializing in correcting every type of tooth alignment and bite problem, accruing thousands of hours of experience in treating the wide of variety of malocclusions (Latin for “bad bite”) that patients experience. Our orthodontist, Dr. Javid Yavari, received degrees from both Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry. Dr. Yavari completed his advanced general dentistry residency at Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics. He then continued his education by specializing in orthodontics and receiving a master of science in oral biology. Dr. Yavari has been practicing orthodontics in the Atlanta area since 1999.

Instead of asking whether your child needs an orthodontist, you’d be better off asking how early your child can see one. Having your children evaluated by an orthodontist while they are in elementary school provides opportunity for early intervention if serious difficulties exist, as well as allowing you to plan financially for your child’s future needs. Proper orthodontic treatment boosts your childrens’ self-confidence by giving them a beautiful smile, while also increasing their ability to keep their teeth clean and protecting them from developing headaches and serious jaw issues due to muscle strained by improper alignment.

Together, your dentist and orthodontist provide the oral healthcare team you need. Here at Crabapple, we’ve brought that team together into one office, so that you can get the expertise your family deserves with the convenience your schedule requires. Call us today for an appointment at 770-664-1999. We’d love to hear from you!

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